Monday, March 5, 2012

Subway Sketching

I participated in the Toronto Subway Sketch group this past Sunday and had a blast.

It's pretty rare that you find a place to draw people going about their daily business instead of posing on a stand. I was thoroughly impressed by the welcome from Thierry and Peter who maintain the group. They made it a point to introduce me to everyone, which was so cool because most groups I find aren't so accepting of newcomers. I also met Nicho Hong, a third year animation student at Sheridan and we shared a terrific conversation as we rode the GoTrain all the way to the end of the line in the wrong direction. Oops! Check out his blog here.

If you are free Sunday at 3:45pm then I highly recommend attending subway sketching for a unique drawing experience, and to meet some really cool people too! Here is a link to the sketch group blog for more information.

Like my instructor Faz said, "You see some real characters."

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