Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Insights from Mega Artists

The 3rd and final day of CTN went out with a bang. The creative energy radiating from the mega artists there could overflow anyone's empty inspiration bucket. Three great insights I absorbed were:

1. Family is the artist's source of energy.

2. Know your inner child.

3. 80% of success is just showing up. 20% is insane courage. (This is a combination of a a Woody Allen quote, and my buddy Michael Gebben).

Here's a bit about how I grasped these insights:

We all take things given to us for granted, family being one of the top on my list. Glenn Keane modeled Ariel based on his beloved wife, Ryan Woodward created "Thought of You" to impress his lovely wife, Greg Baldwin prefers to work at Insomniac Studios rather than at home so he can be around his team there which he considers family. Doug TenNapel believes that his children are his most significant creations.  These men all admit to owing their art to their families.

Bobby Chiu asked himself why he creates creepy (yet appealing) creatures. He reflected on his childhood when he had a prominent under bite, which made him feel like a creature himself. Greg Baldwin and his partner Dave Guertin both wanted to keep their childhood nostalgia for monsters, aliens, and robots alive so they created Creature Box. Glenn Keane is constantly in awe of the world around him because he observes life through a child's eyes which are eager to learn and explore.

I have a horrible social condition called shyness. It renders me practically immobile in crowd settings. I acknowledged my shyness and really tried not to let it impede any opportunities at CTN. So when they announced the Conference had ended over the loud speakers, I did not run off to my car like my antsy ego told me to do. Instead I made one final 'courageous' trip around the 'scary crowds' to see who I could meet. And wouldn't you know it, I met John Kricfalusi who drew me a caricature!

Me 'n Ryan Woodward

John K. Caricature of moi.

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