Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Super Belated Yonniversary!

On Nov 5th, 2012, as I was driving home one night after an eventful day spent with my buddy Yon, by some odd coincidence it occurred to me that today marked the one year anniversary of our friendship. In a daring feat of multitasking I used my iPhone to check the date of the first email I ever sent to Yon. To my surprise it was exactly one year ago.

Suddenly hit by a wave of inspiration, I recorded a voice memo to celebrate the occasion. Here is the recording.

And here's the email that started it all.


  1. Hey Sam !!! :D I got accepted in Sheridan :) just like you posted on my blog.. :)
    Hey this is so cool I love Yon's work i've gone through his work so many times when I was prep for CalArts!!

    1. Hi Prem, Glad to hear you got accepted into Sheridan! I looked at your portfolios and really enjoyed them. My favorite is your gesture drawings from imagination - SO STRETCHY!! Yon is a great guy. I'm sure you'll meet many awesome people at Sheridan! Keep posting your work, you're off to a great start!