Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Girl Down the Street

The Girl Down the Street
a short story by Sam Vest

I fell in love with the girl down the street. I saw her Tuesday, sitting next to the road as I drove home from work. On Wednesday I thought of nothing but her. By Thursday night I could stand it no longer. I put on my hoodie and I walked two blocks to where she lived. I peeked through a crease in the window. My beloved sat inside looking bored amongst her sisters, who were awfully pretty too. I took a deep breath, thrust my chin, and stepped through the door.
The vast variety of her family caught me off guard. The lay atop one another in stacks spread across countertops and tables. They filled whole cabinet shelves lining the walls such that I could look nowhere in the room without my vision being filled with their kind. I twirled around gathering first impressions of the fiercely handsome family.
There were more twins under that roof than any in existence. The twins averaged a dozen apiece and huddled in cliques as twins often do without realizing. No family member could have been more than a day or two old yet each bore a striking maturity.
My eyes took no preference of the big or small members, light or dark, slim or hefty. I had never seen such beautiful creatures. I swam in the honeymoon phase of their culture. Every cousin, aunt, uncle, brother, and sister was an island of design and texture, dressed in habits of age-old tradition.
A servant girl frowned at my loitering. She ran to a room in the back. The master of the house emerged and perched atop his crystal throne. Below him my beloved gazed at me from her chamber window, trapped under lock and key.
“Uh-hem!” said the master. He was large man with an iron gut and strict brow. I could not bear to look him straight in the eye
“Your family is quite beautiful.” I said glancing amongst the sisters to ensure that my beloved was the one whom I suspected, the one whose eyes gazed deepest, and heart beat loudest.
Knowing not their customs, I decided to ask a question to make my intentions clear.
“How much shall I pay for your daughter’s hand in marriage?”
I thrust my eyes upon the master to show I meant business.
He furrowed his brows at my attire. I pulled out my wallet and fiddled through my humble wealth. He peaked inside.
“You cannot have just one of my daughters. Should you want one then you must also take the rest of a dozen.”
I fell back a step at the prospect. Twelve wives! Did I carry enough love in me to go round? Let alone the money for such a prize! The sisters held their breaths, stillest of all, my beloved.
“How much then for these rare beauties?” I said knocking on their chamber door. I grabbed my entire sum of wealth and loosened it from my wallet.
“Six dollars.” Said the master.
That much! A mere six dollars for such a heavenly host! I could have bought half the family for six times as much.
I handed him the money and watched him liberate my betrothed. One by one they blew their father farewell kisses as he guided them into a diamond carriage. Lastly he loaded my beloved, whom he must have loved best of all, because before freeing her he weighed the carriage on a scale, to see if he really must let her go.
The mother-mistress came out of the back room and glanced at me sideways, for I presumed showing emotion during such a transaction must have been against her custom, yet nothing could contain the love and pride that swelled in the room. The family bowed their heads as I took hold the reigns of the carriage and strode into the night.
I steered my feet the long way home, and set them on autopilot so I might cherish the night with my brides. Each was more beautiful than the next, brimming with health and youth. I brought the first to my lips and kissed her. She filled me with such ecstasy that I floated into the night sky, up to the clouds. The second came to me. My hands dissolved into her soft texture. I spun her around and kissed her neck. The third and fourth lay me down in their laps, and fed me sweet berries that set my lust aflame. The fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth messaged my arms and legs till I forgot every worry I had ever known. The ninth I tried to take slow, but I could not contain my joy, which charged me to pick her and the tenth and eleventh up and embrace them as if the world could end without us caring.
Finally I sat me down at home, all alone with my beloved. I could’ve been happy lying there next to her for an eternity. No two souls had ever longed for each other the way we did, and no two came together with such passion. Time stood still the moment we united. A million galaxies burst from our fusion. She was all at once a part of me. I was complete.
I recycled the diamond carriage and went to bed. I closed my eyes. My mind was clear, my breathing steady. I floated off to the dream world in hopes of tasting my beloved again. There she inceptioned the idea in my mind to return again to the bakery.

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