Monday, April 8, 2013

The Most Heinous Word

The Most Heinous Word
A poem by Sam Vest

I noticed something today.
Something I’m not proud to say.
Whenever a strange man doth pass me by
from his mouth he let’s fly
the most heinous word mankind hath created.

I don’t know why they act this way,
nor do I know if other's have noticed the same,
but I have my speculations as to why
the most heinous word they doth let fly.

I am young, and tall, dark haired, and strong.
My voice is deep, my chest is broad.
Could it be these men want to impress
an alpha male at his best?
With their horrible word, raunchy and cruel
They try to make me think they’re cool.

Perhaps they want to scare me away
so they might pass by,
even though I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Maybe they want attention to validate their claim
that their ego is deserving of praise.

It could even be that this is LA,
where heinous words are mistaken for fame.

But the reason I like best,
the one that stands above the rest,
is something I once read in a book
that taught me what it took
to be a ‘man’s man’.

A man’s man is himself one hundred percent of the time
He believes in something, maybe God,
and sticks to his belief despite the odds.

A man’s man follows his heart
because he knows it’ll take him where he needs to be.
For this reason he’s confident, and others quickly see
that he’s different from other men
who live in complacent fantasy.

Am I a man’s man?
Probably not,
but I sure as hell believe in something
and follow a muse who lives in my gut.

I was raised by a great dad
who taught me how I should be,
and my role models too
gave me my dream
to inspire other men to pursue their heart’s desire
not let their energies burn in idealistic fires.

The next time I hear a strange man say
the most heinous word he can bray,
I’ll smile to myself and pray
That he’ll read this poem someday.

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