Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Ernest arrived home late one night and found his door ajar. As he approached the patio he saw a red glow inside like the numbers on a digital clock. Climbing the stairs, he noticed a second glow. This one was green. The front door lay on the patio floor, cracked to splinters. Ernest thought to call the police, but his cellphone was inside the house. He had no desire to wake the neighbors at this hour, and thought whoever did this must be gone because none of the lights were on, just the two glowing lights. Ernest picked up a chunk of the door frame nearly the size of a baseball bat. He bit his lower lip and lunged through the door. Scraping his hand along the wall he found the light switch. The chandalier illuminated the room and its three occupants. One of them, Ernest, and the other two, great pairs of teeth on impish bodies, fat, and skin the color of vomit. Ernest tried to scream, but choked instead. He backed against the wall. The nearer of the two sat on the rug, picking at the carcus of some dead thing so brutally massacred that it took a moment for Ernest to realize it was his dog. The second creature stood on an overturned chair, ripping the innards out of a cuckoo clock which should have read half past two. Both turned from their destruction and looked at Ernest crucified against the wall. Even in the light their eyes glowed red and green. The closer of the two opened its jaws, wider, and wider, and wider till it could have easily swallowed a human head! The thing gurgled as gore sucked down its windpipe. It shrieked the most horrific sound, too terrible to be of this Earth. Ernest flinched and his arm hit the light switch, plunging him into darkness. Ernest ran out the door so fast that the next thing he knew he was three blocks away.

The police blamed the incident on a pack of bears who were on record for killing a house pet the next town over. The psychologist attributed Ernest's eccentric recollection to hallucinations induced by post traumatic stress after seeing his pet of fourteen years eaten alive. In any event, Ernest doesn't live in that house anymore, he's six feet under, because one night he woke up and saw two glows next to his bed.

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