Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The Gaia Imperium sent Mortimer to retrieve an artifact from the Knave's fortress on Earth, which intelligence believed to be the source of the Knave's power. A Knave guard caught Mortimer stealing the artifact and sounded the alarm. Mortimer ran for dear life as the entire Knave hoard spewed from every crevice of the fortress. Rokgashauz, the Knave Lord, hit Mortimer with an energy blast that split the sky. The blast obliterated the left side of Mortimer's body and the artifact along with it. Fearing extinction, the spirit of the artifact entered Mortimer's body, keeping him alive. Mortimer's partner, the cyborg Walter, scooped up Mortimer's carcus and flew him back to Earth where he built Mortimer a new body with the technology he built. Now Mortimer has a reoccurring dream where he singlehandedly slaughters an entire Human army with his new-found powers.

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