Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Business Card

I kept getting asked for my business card on film sets and while socializing in public so I decided to appease the masses. I designed a simple logo for maximum readability. It features: two colors, 2D shapes, and a circular composition. I also wanted it to feature one of my cartoon characters. So I chose Ethan to be my mascot. He's looking up to the right dreaming up his next big idea and he's wearing a sleeping cap which has a whole story behind it.

I was going to make up a production company name, but really this card is highlighting me and my skills, not some fictional company. I broke a rule I have of marketing myself as one thing by branding myself as "the one man studio". I say this phrase all the time when people ask me what I do cause it's true, I do everything video production related. Who knows, maybe I'll pass 50 copies of these babies out and get no callbacks. In that case I'll design different cards, but right now I think this sucker looks hella cool!

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