Thursday, October 9, 2014

Production Company Logo

I'm starting a production company that produces commercial and narrative videos for the internet, film, and television, and I've been racking my brains trying to design a logo. These two designs are based off of Ethan, the main character in a novel I'm writing called The Occupational Dreamer. Ethan is a graphic novelist who travels into his imagination, disguised in a sleeper gown, to save it from the social pressures that threaten to destroy it. In this pose he is falling from the sky. He is joyful because he is in complete control of his fall. He took the leap of faith and is living the dream. Ethan embodies the mission of my company to realize dreams on the big screen.

I still think these designs are too complicated. When I shrink them down to the size of an app icon for an iPhone they become unreadable. I want the logo to be readable at any size and iconic like the Apple logo, Playboy logo, or Lacoste logo. Though I love this design concept, I'm not sure how to simplify it so it will work when shrunk down. When people look at the logo I want them to feel like they're falling into a dreamlike state which is kind of like we do when we watch movies.

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  1. I LOVE the new visual branding you've made for yourself! Your text logo is excellent and if you can clean up the edges of your name, I think it'll be really solid. I think you've got a good color scheme to go along with your dreamy scheme.

    I prefer the top version of Ethan, but with bottom Ethan's face. What I learned in marketing and branding was that if it can read in black and white (not greyscale), you've got a good logo. And what I've noticed personally is that if someone who isn't artistically inclined can draw your graphic and have others be able to tell what it is (even if it's not that accurate), you're solid. I think Top Ethan does that.

    My one major critique is actually Ethan himself. If I were to receive your card without knowing any of your work, I would think that this is YOU and how YOU are portraying yourself. If Occupational Dreamer were an established work, like a webcomic or something readily accessible, I think he would be appropriate. Much like how Mickey represents Disney, he is an established character with whom almost ALL Disney works are associated, even the works where he doesn't appear.

    An option to keep Ethan on your card would be to have the front be just your text logo, and on the back have Ethan and a little note saying "Ethan from The Occupational Dreamer. Coming Winter 2014." So that way it shows that you're working on a great project and you're already marketing it. However, this solution would limit you to just THIS kind of work. Illustration, story, etc.

    If you want an overall marketing scheme, I would keep it to just your text logo. If you want to advertise your After Effects, editing, writing, shooting and sound, maybe consider making one or three good, solid, very clear icons to indicate what you do. and Pinterest even have EXCELLENT examples of how creatives are utilizing their skills to portray what they can offer clients.

    Because you're a jack of all trades, I would recommend getting multiple cards. When you're doing animation and more applied art jobs, give them your artsy card. If you're doing more technical stuff like editing, shooting and sound, give them your techie card. Then have a card to promote your own work. I know it sounds like a lot, but being able to clearly state what you do to someone as they glance at your card will help them remember you. has excellent quality cards and allow you to customize every. Single. Card. As in, you could have 50 DIFFERENT cards, all the same price. They're my go-to for printing... everything.