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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 CalArts Character Animation Portfolio

At long last I present my portfolio application to the CalArts Character Animation Program! I'd like to offer an enormous thank you to my instructors at the Animation Portfolio Workshop in Toronto. They have provided me with the tools to turn my imagination into 3 dimensional images. I'd also like to thank Lee Yon Hui a first year CalArts animation student who has been exceedingly generous in reviewing my work and providing excellent feedback as well as inspiration.

My portfolio certainly lacks the vibrant color found in most CalArts portfolios, but I believe it portrays a strong knowledge of construction and my ability put story at the forefront in my work. I'd describe my style as intense, creepy, and dare I say dark. But I also hope people sense the gestural, whimsical, and playful qualities as well. I accredit the duel nature of my art to the fact that my two biggest inspirations are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Up. Both of these films were lead by CalArts alumni I might add.

I'm thrilled that's it's done and sent. I can honestly say I gave it my best shot. Looking back at how far I've come as a draftsmen this past year I consider this portfolio a success, and I look forward to hearing the results in March. In the meantime please feel free to comment on my work and as my character Moon Head say, "Enjoy!"